5 Grooming Rules For The Modern Man

Admit it, as a guy, on several occasions you must have asked yourself, ‘How can I make myself more attractive?’ Don’t worry. Nothing as radical as plastic surgery is necessary my friend, it all comes down to a simple case of good grooming.

Grooming reflects your personal style and your ability to take care of yourself. Here are some simple ways to keep yourself looking like you have your keys together, because take it from us; there is no such thing as a good first impression when your nails are digging into the other half of a handshake.

  1. Create a simple routine —and stick to it

Unlike the ladies, men have it pretty easy when it comes to grooming. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a thousand different products, or lock yourself in the bathroom for hours at a time. Rather, develop a daily routine that is quick, simple and —above all else— about maintenance.


The basis of your routine will depend on how fast your hair grows and what style you are going for. As our friends over at Mandevu Beard Care advise: “For daily care, we recommend moisturising with a good natural beard oil, combing or brushing beard hair to keep it neat. Shampoo with a good beard soap at least once a week.” And hey, shampooing does not mean reaching for your girlfriends/sisters/wife’s products!

Speaking of trimming, man up and manicure those nails! While you’re at it, your feet could probably benefit too from a simple pedicure. Fit these into your routine to keep your hands and feet neat.

  1. Choose your style

Facts must be faced: Though the Greek God beard style is in, not everyone’s going to look like a Greek God in it. Yes, Mr Man, pick up that razor and sculpt away. Movember is no excuse. The good news is, there is something for everyone. According to the experts (Mandevu), the basic face shapes are oval, heart, square and round. Styling your facial hair according to your face-shape is the trick. Here’s how to identify your shape and get it right:

  • Oval: Face shape is longer than wide. You look good in almost everything, lucky stud. But be careful to grow your hair on the sides of your face rather than the bottom, to avoid elongating your face further. Keep your beard trimmed short and wear a thinner moustache too.
  • Heart: You have a pointed chin with a larger forehead and amplified jaw line. Grow your hair on the chin to balance the face. Think thick, structured sideburns.
  • Square: Your face width to length is equal and you have a strong defined jaw line. Your beard is better, full on the chin and trimmed shorter on the sides.
  • Round: Circular shaped face with a round chin? How do you feel about a goatee? You’ll look good with your beard longer on the chin to elongate the face, but keep it short on the sides to avoid filling your face out more.
  1. Choose the right clothes and accessories

All the beard and nail trimming in the world couldn’t save a scruffy dresser! Ask Ian Mussilli; a personal stylist and popular male fashion blogger at www.ianmussilli.com; “A blazer is a must in any man’s wardrobe,” says the fashion consultant. “Not necessarily a suit, but a good fitting blazer jacket to wear over multiple outfits and always try to wear colours that work well with your complexion. Dark-complexioned men should minimise on wearing dark colours,” says Ian. Not to mean that you should reach for the reds and yellows. “Complement a dark suit with a bright or rich, deep-coloured shirt.” In terms of accessories, “Your shoes must match your belt and wear gold with gold; a gold watch means a gold tie bar. Never a mix.”

  1. Ensure the right fit

What’s the best way to know if your clothes are the right fit? “They don’t change your physique. If you are slim, or on the heavy side, you shouldn’t look bigger in your clothes.  Same goes for height. Avoid too-long sleeves and jackets as they are shortening,” says Ian.

  1. Choose the right scent

“You must smell good to look good,” Ian advises. Choosing the right scent means making sure your body-wash and deodorant are of the same fragrance as your cologne, or at least don’t clash with it. Don’t thrift on the cologne, smelling cheap sends the wrong message. But also make sure you don’t overdo it, else you’ll be giving the people around you a headache!

So, now that you look, smell and feel great, go forth and be the best man you can be!

Words: Wambui Murithii                                                                  Illustration: Nzilani Simu

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