Spa The Stress Away

You’re not alone. The stress monster comes knocking on everyone’s door every now and then. But there are times when it overwhelms you, leaving a huge pile of unpleasant stress symptoms for you to deal with; increased heart rate, muscle tensions, backed up digestive system and insomnia to mention a few. Luckily there are spa... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons Why You Need A Body Scrub

It’s no secret that your skin is the largest organ, considering it covers your entire body. Ergo, pampering your skin is the best self-care you can give yourself. Consequently body scrubs, aka the facial for your body, should be a staple in your beauty regime book and here’s why: Shake it off!  Each hour, your... Continue Reading →

8 Ways To Prepare For A Peaceful Birth

Congratulations! You’re about to become a mum. As the day nears, your mind is mostly occupied with thoughts of the big day. “How will my labour be?” “Will I be able to handle the pain?” “Am I prepared enough?”. The truth of the matter is, there is very little you can predict and wondering will... Continue Reading →

5 Grooming Rules For The Modern Man

Admit it, as a guy, on several occasions you must have asked yourself, ‘How can I make myself more attractive?’ Don’t worry. Nothing as radical as plastic surgery is necessary my friend, it all comes down to a simple case of good grooming. Grooming reflects your personal style and your ability to take care of... Continue Reading →

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