6 Reasons Why You Need A Body Scrub

It’s no secret that your skin is the largest organ, considering it covers your entire body. Ergo, pampering your skin is the best self-care you can give yourself. Consequently body scrubs, aka the facial for your body, should be a staple in your beauty regime book and here’s why:

Shake it off! 

Each hour, your body sheds up to 40,000 cells. Exfoliating helps to cleanse the skin, working through the rough layer to expose that soft and healthy new skin. The older you get, the more assistance your skin will require with this turnover process.

Gets things pumping! 

Scrubbing down boosts natural blood circulation and flow of bodily fluids. This encourages your body to detox by releasing toxins and fat that lurk within the skin. Most professional massage therapists will incorporate a massage, so more circulation benefits for you.

Endorses Hydration 

Simply put, you are not about the ashy life. That’s why skin moisture is so crucial! And it just so happens that most body scrubs contain a moisturizing elements such as olive oil. By removing dead cells it improves your skins ability to soak up moisturizers for smooth skin.

Bouts Blemishes 

Clogged pores can be caused by dead-skin build up, resulting in body acne, skin discolouration or ingrown hairs on your skin. The body scrub removes pore-blocking dead cells for clearer skin that won’t surprise you with blemishes as often.

Waxing Pre-game 

If you want the most out of your hair removal, without soul-crushing pain, a body scrub could help. Again, it removes the dead cells and lets the wax do its thing without the obstacles. This works best if you scrub regularly, and do your last scrub up to two days before the wax.

The Glow Up! 

When you look good, you feel good. Refreshing your appearance for the physical properties has a way of gifting you with some emotional benefits too. Leaving the spa, you’ll notice that your skin will be glowing, your stress will be less and your confidence will have that extra kick.

Words: Natalie                                                                                        Illustration: Nzilani Simu

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