SPA 101: Your guide to popular spa treatments

Relaxation. Serenity. Rejuvenation. It’s all you want when you need to detox from modern life chaos; with matatu drivers sprinkled on top. Spas offer that much needed “treat yo’self” therapy you deserve. Most importantly, someone else fusses over you for once! But figuring out what you want from all their treatments can be a stressful affair. Wrong pick, and you could be in an hours-long body contortion session when all you wanted was to be covered in chocolate. Stress not. Get your R&R on with this guide to eight popular spa treatments:

#1 Aromatherapy

Perfect for: Deep Relaxation and re-energization

You know that happy feeling when you smell the food you’ve been craving? This is the same thing sans the calories. It’s a good old massage that wants you to inhale the essential oils’ aromas for that extra healing. Plus, your skin gets a good soak from them too.

#2 Ayurvedic Massage

Perfect for: Detoxifying mind and body

With a name that means ‘Knowledge of life’ in the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, this treatment focuses on your inner beauty as well! With mental, emotional and spiritual healing at stake, it’s the only time you’ll be happy someone worked your pressure points; through traditional massage techniques and oils of course.

#3 Body Wrap

Perfect for: Hydration, Detox or Stimulus

A snuggle-up session with bae is quaint, but getting wrapped up by yourself could be even better. Whether you’re slathered with detoxifying mud, cellulite-fighting marine-based products or moisturizing Aloe Vera before becoming a human burrito, your skin will love you for it.

4# Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Perfect for: Easing serious muscle pain and tension

This is for the go –getters who stare body pain or inflammation in the face and tackle it head on. Because mama didn’t raise no quitter.  So the therapist gets down to the deep muscle layers using their hands, fingertips, elbows, and forearms to pressurize that pain away.

5# Hot Stone Massage

Perfect for: Anxiety and Stress relief

When anxiety or stress escalated the situation to level 100 real quick, it may be time to turn up the heat with heated black river rocks. Once placed on specific body muscles, the heat works like a giant hug to kick that tension to the curb.

6# Reflexology

Perfect for: Relaxation with your clothes on

If you ever needed an excuse to buy more shoes or pamper your feet, this is it. Turns out, specific parts on your feet are connected to the rest of your body. Like in acupuncture, the therapist works on your feet so your entire body feels great.

7# Swedish massage

Perfect for: Stress-relief

Some like it rough. But if your style’s more soft and graceful opt for this classic full-body massage. While this technique may be a lady in the streets, it’s a fighter in the results arena; with benefits such as promoting circulation and fights inflammation.

8# Thai Massage

Perfect for: Releasing Tension and Increased Motion

From afar it looks like a massage meets yoga meets contemporary dance. It’s a treatment that’s literally popping the tensions out of pressure points without oils or having to strip-down. It’s all unrestricted movement, close to the ground for increased flexibility and mind-body balance.

Words: Natalie     Infographic: Nzilani Simu is an online marketplace for spa experiences in Kenya. We have partnered with Kenya’s top spas and hotels to create unique spa experiences designed specifically with you in mind. You can now enjoy quality spa treatments, poolside lounging, delicious meals and even a room for the night, all at reduced prices! 

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