Spa The Stress Away

You’re not alone. The stress monster comes knocking on everyone’s door every now and then. But there are times when it overwhelms you, leaving a huge pile of unpleasant stress symptoms for you to deal with; increased heart rate, muscle tensions, backed up digestive system and insomnia to mention a few. Luckily there are spa treatments that can help in kicking it to the curb.

Axing Anxiety

If anxiety is nipping at your heels, heat things up. Book some steam room or sauna time get your body all warmed up. Raised temperatures forces your body to produce white blood cells, boosting your immune systems, reduce your adrenaline and increasing your happy hormones.

Nixing Sore Muscles

Carrying the weight of responsibilities takes a toll on your muscles. Detox and loosen those babies up with a delicious chocolate body wrap. It smells divine and keeps you all snuggled up. Or you can opt for the cold and hot water combo in Hydrotherapy, which can help in relieving discomfort. While the hot stone massage goes deep to warm the muscles up at their core for deep relaxation.

The Overall Stressors

Got general stress on your brain? human touch can be the remedy. It helps to release the oxytocin hormone that boost the feeling of trust and aids bonding. Massages such as the Swedish, Thai, Indian Head or any deep-tissue variants weekly can help you relax and de-stress. Combine these treatments with aromatherapy for enhanced results.

Aligning you Mind, Body & Spirit

Time to go old school and pick a holistic approach that’s rooted in ancient traditions. We’re talking about the likes of Ayurvedic massage, Reiki, Shiatsu, reflexology and acupuncture. They treat the whole being instead of just focusing on the immediate symptom. It’s the winning combination of touch and wisdom to reset your equilibrium.

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