8 ways to prepare for a romantic weekend away

A romantic getaway is the perfect way to get some quality time with your significant other. Done well, and you’ll add some sizzle into your relationship. Done poorly and you’ll wish you’d stayed at home with your Netflix and a cosy blanket. Never fear, with these tips you should be on your way to a blissful escape and a renewed connection with your love.

Do: Pick a destination you both love

You and your significant other (S.O) will have to decide on a location that interests you both. Preferably an area that has activities you’d like to do as a couple, be it bungee jumping, mountain climbing, golf or just road tripping from place to place. Sharing new experiences tends to bring us closer so make sure you choose something you’ve both never tried before.

Don’t: Assume the hotel will ooze romance

Call ahead to let the hotel know it’s a special occasion so that they can add a little extra into presentation. What you’d like in the room; champagne? Cheese? Rose petals? They’re there to help and you never know, you could just be bumped up to a nicer room too!

DoHave the hard talk pre-travel

Your getaway is a time to bond, so it’s best to tackle the hard or fight-inducing discussions before your leave. This includes budgets, what sites to visit, off-limit discussion topics and your technology-use. Once you’ve set the ground rules, you can be more spontaneous and free, and enjoy your time together.

Don’t: Groom last minute

You want to feel sexy and pampered on your trip so you can feel great (and drive your S.O crazy, of course!). Ladies, get your hair and nails done and spoil yourself with a facial and body scrub for smooth glowing skin. Grooming can’t be complete without a little waxing/shaving maintenance (be strong, it only hurts for a second!). Do all this prior to your departure so you can relax and not fret about your hairy legs or the cracks on your feet.

Do: Pack romantic gear

Help set the mood by carrying cupid’s little helpers. This includes your own special perfumes, lotions, massage oils, bubble bath, romantic music and candles to set the mood. You also want to dress the part, with a dinner outfit that knocks his socks off and lingerie. The latter is self-explanatory.

Don’t: Forget ‘Me’ time

It’s okay to take a little time apart from each other during this getaway to do things you like but they necessarily don’t. You’ll have a new story to share and a little extra excitement for your S.O later.

Do: Manage Expectations

Even with the most impeccable planning, something could go wrong. Remind yourself what it’s really about – getting to know each other and having a little fun – and you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t: Forget a gift

Surprising them with something they really like or want is the height of romance. Whatever you choose, make sure it speaks their love language and you, my friend, will have sealed the deal!

Words: Natallie                            Illustration: Nzilani Simu


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