It’s a Sparty: 5 tips to throwing the perfect bridal spa party

Hollywood lied. Between haggling with vendors, impressing mothers-in-law, sorting out your wedding registry and sending out the invitations, most brides just want a little R&R before their big day. Strippers may or may not apply. However, one certified way to get her relaxation on before her big day is a spa-themed bridal shower with her close friends. Here are 5 tips to make it the perfect send-off:

1. It’s a numbers game

She may have a million friends to choose from, but the ideal spa party number is 6-8 friends. Do a little digging to find a spa that can accommodate you comfortably and has the right ambience and scenery to make your Bride-To-Be feel special. Note, this doesn’t have to be strictly day affair, the pampering works as a night endeavour just as well. Keep in mind location is key, you want everyone to turn up on-time without hassle or stress.

2. Arm your girls with party favours

Throw out the traditional favours and get some luxury in your lives. We’re talking the likes of custom slippers, matching robes and themed nail polishes to show the bride that she truly is the queen bee. Keep it fun but comfortable too and you can use them well after she says I do.

3. Treats are a must

It should be light and easy to munch on. But most importantly, they should be food the bride-to-be adores.  So if she has a sweet tooth, think small cupcakes or a delicate Afternoon High Tea instead of an entire 5kg cake.

4. Avoid the awkward silence

Set an itinerary of scheduled activities that you’ll send out to the girls with your super ingenious e-invites. It’s a good heads-up to let them know what to expect and get into the groove. You can also give them the option of two activities at the same time to make the schedule move a little faster. For example one half gets their nails did while the other relaxes in the jacuzzi and then switch!

5. Don’t forget to relax

This is the main point of the event. So you and the rest of the girls should book early and sort payment contributions before the bride shows up. Then turn off your phones, get a little bubbly (or virgin drinks) flowing, and enjoy being pampered. The bride will definitely appreciate having this moment to share with her girls before her big day. Whether you’re sharing life advice or swapping funny and kinky stories, you’ll be doing so as ladies of leisure.

Words: Natalie                                                                              Infographic: Nzilani Simu




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