5 Grooming Rules For The Modern Man

Admit it, as a guy, on several occasions you must have asked yourself, ‘How can I make myself more attractive?’ Don’t worry. Nothing as radical as plastic surgery is necessary my friend, it all comes down to a simple case of good grooming. Grooming reflects your personal style and your ability to take care of... Continue Reading →

8 ways to prepare for a romantic weekend away

A romantic getaway is the perfect way to get some quality time with your significant other. Done well, and you’ll add some sizzle into your relationship. Done poorly and you’ll wish you’d stayed at home with your Netflix and a cosy blanket. Never fear, with these tips you should be on your way to a blissful escape and a renewed connection with your love. Do: Pick a destination you both love You... Continue Reading →

How about an afternoon ‘par-tea’?

Five reasons to try Afternoon High Tea with your friends Yes, it’s a par-tea! Only this time there’s less dancing and way more calm. We’re talking about “High Tea”, AKA “Afternoon Tea”. Credit for the custom of Afternoon Tea goes to Anna Maria Russel, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, England - who was also a... Continue Reading →

SPA 101: Your guide to popular spa treatments

Relaxation. Serenity. Rejuvenation. It’s all you want when you need to detox from modern life chaos; with matatu drivers sprinkled on top. Spas offer that much needed “treat yo’self” therapy you deserve. Most importantly, someone else fusses over you for once! But figuring out what you want from all their treatments can be a stressful affair. Wrong pick, and you could be in an hours-long body contortion session when all you wanted was to be covered in chocolate. Stress not. Get your R&R on with this guide to eight popular spa treatments:

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